Review: Astra Lumina

We went to Astra Lumina in early February on a Friday night. They must have a good team placing their ads because I think I am the exact target audience for this and I got lots of ads in Instagram and Facebook telling me about this Garden Walk / Evening Light show experience.

We paid for the premium parking which was nice. We arrived and there were probably two cars in front of us waiting to get in. The staff was all very professional and kind the entire night. From the parking lot to the actual garden and everywhere.

We spent a little over one hour walking through the show. There were nine distinct areas and each one had a show running on repeat and a little sign would tell you how long the show was. That was nice so you knew if anything was going to change or if you had already seen the entire show at each segment.

The sequencing was all very well done. The music was well done and there were lots of invisible speakers pumping out the music and effects at just the right volume. The lights were all bright and I don't think I saw a single broken element the entire night.

Review: 9/9

I have thought about getting big bulbs like this for our giant tree. But shipping from China is $$$$$.
This was my favorite area. Lots of beams of light coming down out of the trees crisscrossing.
These metal cylinders had lights inside and would project nice shadows on the ground. I thought they should have put some of the text backward so the shadows could cast text forwards.
More of the beams of light.
Nice photo spot at the end. Cal is tall.

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