RGB Christmas Light Spheres - AKA: Paul's Balls

Our tallest tree in the front yard has never had lights on it. This year we have a plan to decorate it.

The tall tree with no lights in it last year.

Topiary Art Works makes a metal sphere for growing topiaries in. They call it a Wire Globe 20" Diameter.

The nice thing about this sphere is that the latitudinal wire that runs around the globe is one continuous wire that makes a spiral. So ziptying a strand of lights onto the wire works out really well.

I zip-tied about 500 "pebble" or "seed" RGB lights onto the wire. Ray Wu's Aliexpress store called these lights "seed pixel string lights." I used 12v lights that have 5cm of spacing between each light.

The lights are ziptied on with 4 inch zip ties at each spot the wires meet each other.

Lots of zip ties and lights

The first one took me about 90 minutes. But now I can make one in about an hour. Calvin is the fastest at making them and can finish one in about 45 minutes.

Cal is the fastest at making them

Video showing some test patterns on a completed ball.


Here is a video of the first prototype ball running in the tree.


The tree is trimmed and ready for the balls. I planned on 20 balls but maybe won't need that many.

Tree before balls are installed.

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