Is 5G Ultra Wideband a scam?

The more testing I do with Speedtests at different times and locations the more I think the whole thing is a scam.

There is a cell tower near where I live that was one of the first towers I found to have 5GUW. I believe it is there because a friend of mine who works for Verizon lived close by and had it setup there.

Adding more to the tower.

When the UW tower first went live about a year ago the speeds were terrible on 5GUW. About 3 or 4 megabit download and less than 1 megabit upload. I mentioned this to my Verizon friend. He said he would look into it and then a week later the speeds were close to 100 megabit down and 20 megabit up.

Today when I noticed people working on the tower my cell phone switched back to no UW signal when I was near the tower. Just regular iPhone 14 Pro Max 5G speeds.

I ran a Speedtest with the Speedtest app and got 699 megabit down and 129 megabit up.

Since the speeds are that fast without UW then why do we even need UW? That is my question.

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