Interesting Background on FAIR

This blog post on By Common Consent has an interesting history of FAIR told by a former board member. A less interesting description can be found on Wikipedia.

The quote I liked:

While I’m on this topic, I have some free advice for the Church. I have never been bothered by the topic of polygamy, and the reason for that is clear to me. My parents were both born in Idaho and both descended from Mormon polygamy. Was that shameful to them? Did they try to hide it? Certainly not. They were extremely proud of that heritage and would talk to us kids about it. If you learn something like this when you are young, you don’t freak about it later. Or at least that was my experience. If you don’t want the membership to freak about, say, the stone in the hat, include it in the Primary curriculum, or at least youth Sunday School. The kids are already so bored that maybe they would lift their heads off the desk and pay attention.

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