Review: Woof Fish Skis

I bought these skis for Calvin for $40 on Facebook Marketplace in 2020. The only thing I have ever bought on Facebook Marketplace.

Salomon "woof fish" skis.

They served him very well in 2020, 2021 and 2022 and he grew quite attached to them. I don't think we know what the design and caption means. They say "Woof! Fish" and "the road I took."

He was probably too big to ski with them in 2022 but he claimed he still liked them. This season he was just too big for them. So I told him he couldn't use them anymore. We put him in Fletch's old boots and Frances's old skis and they worked fine.

When he stops growing and is ready for a new set of skis I'll try to find a way to get some white skis and see if someone can recreate the graphics so "Woof! Fish!" can live on. And I don't think I can part with the original Woof Fish. So maybe a grandkid will ski on them some day.

Final review: 5/5.

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