Review: Which Wich Cloud Bread

When I was ordering my Wicked Wednesday sandwich from the Which Wich app (which is now $6 instead of $5) I was offered Cloud Bread.

I had no idea what it was but decided to try it. When checking out I saw the $6 sandwich was now $7.50. But I figured it was some extra surcharge for inflation or having to pay employees.

It turns out the extra $1.50 was for the privilege of having the Cloud Bread.

It was actually pretty good. But charging an extra $1.50 for it is pretty ludicrous.

More information and recipe for Cloud Bread. The article says it is cream cheese, egg, baking soda, and baking powder.

I don't really need to see an ad for it. I already bought it and am about to eat it.
Tastes a little like an omelet.
How a $5 Wednesday special becomes $8.08. And that is before the tip.

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