The Victory Condition

One of my favorite Penny Arcade strips:

Here is the part I like from the article:

We got a question at a PAX once - Prime I think, or… PAX West, as I think it's called now - about how I felt when my son defeated me in a game of some kind. The presumption was that this would be a bad thing or that I would feel some kind of shame; that there might be a sackcloth phase within which the mourning of my masculine vigor would be contained. It was asked by a young man who could not possibly know the truth of it: that losing to your son (or daughter, as I have had the great pleasure of doing in Gobblet Gobblersis the victory condition. To have created (or, you know, been adjacent to the creation of) your superior is nature's edict, and I am its yielding vassal.

All my kids can beat me at Mario Kart now. So I have achieved the victory condition.

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