SoFi NFL Game Review

I attended my first NFL game on Thursday December 8. Raiders at Rams at SoFi stadium.

  1. Football fans like to smoke a lot of pot. The entire outside of the stadium and a lot inside the stadium reeked of pot.
  2. SoFi stadium is very beautiful. The architecture looked cool. The seats were comfortable and we felt safe the entire time.
  3. The male restrooms have long lines. It is strange they would build a brand new stadium and not be able to figure out how many urinals they would need to keep the lines manageable.
  4. The Raiders fan behind me was foul-mouthed and extremely obnoxious. At Angels stadium the ushers don't tolerate fans yelling obscenities the entire game. Apparently SoFi doesn't care. I would not want to bring a small or medium sized child to a game and feel comfortable with this.
  5. The food was decent but there weren't many options. Pizza, hot dogs, nachos and standard fare only.

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