Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

We spent a few hours at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in June, 2023.

The highlight for me was the old Air Force One that Reagan and some other presidents used. It is on display and you can walk through it and see the president's office on the plane and the other areas. I always pictured the office being in the back of the plane. But it was right up front.

It definitely looks a little dated and not as luxurious as I assume the new Air Force One is. A modern giant Emirates Airbus A380 has a way nicer business class than even the best seats on the old Air Force One.

The "Auschwitz: Not Long Ago, Not Far Away" display was also active when we went. We spent about 2 hours in it and didn't have quite enough time for the Reagan stuff so we had to rush through the end.

Review: 38/40

Kari models Nancy's earrings in front of a picture of Nancy wearing them. We think.
Air Force One.
The teleprompters were turned on so you could see what it is like to give a speech off a teleprompter.

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