Review: Trader Joes Advent Calendar 2022

I haven't had a chocolate advent calendar in a long time. But Kari gave me one this year. Frances and Calvin also got one. Frances gave up on hers after about a week and a half and gave it to me. So then I had two advent calendars I was responsible for in my office.

Cal enjoyed having his advent calendar and dutifully opened one door each morning to get a piece of chocolate. He said he likes how it helped him know what day of the month it was during the month. I guess that is probably important when you are in school and putting dates on lots of papers?

The doors of the calendar were assigned randomly. So it was a little chore to find the door for the day you were on. I think this might be why Frances gave up on hers. Also the chocolate just wasn't very good.

But the worst part is that there was no door on the 25th with some kind of special or larger chocolate. Just no door 25.

I give the calendar a 3 out of 10.

Finished calendar.

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