Review: The Planets with the Pacific Symphony

I went to a performance of The Planets with the Pacific Symphony at Segerstrom on November 19, 2022.

The symphony sounded great and very loud. I had never seen a performance of the full piece. They had a video screen behind the orchestra where they projected video with the theme of each planet.

The Mars video seemed to track one of the recent rover landings and had nice scenes of the planet from far away and from on the surface.

Each planet after Mars became a little stranger. The Mercury videos had Mercury flying through a field of stars which was bizarre. And by the time we got to Uranus and Neptune they seemed to have given up on images of the planets and moved on to images of galaxies.

The videos were well synced to the music. I suspect they must have been controlling it a bit manually as the orchestra played as I don't think it could have stayed so in sync if it has just been completely pre-recorded.

Review: 7/10

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