Review: The Art of Small Talk

This is a new audio book from Pushkin.

I enjoy Malcolm Gladwell's books and his Revisionist History podcast. So I figured I would enjoy this as well. I didn't. It is just awful.

The authors are making constant un-funny throwaway, banal jokes. Occasionally they have audio clips of "real experts" (their words, not mine). Those parts are kind of interesting. But having to listen to their filler isn't worth your time.

Review: 5/21

(21 chapters and I forced my way to chapter 5 before I stopped torturing myself and gave up.)

The Art of Small Talk — Audiobook — Casey Wilson & Jessica St. Clair
Hilarious and practical advice for how to up your small talk game from comedians, actors and self-appointed experts on chit-chat, Casey Wilson and Jessica St. Clair.

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