Review: Poetry For Neanderthals

Cal got this game as an early Christmas present. We have played it a half-dozen times and it is pretty fun.

One person on a team looks at cards and tries to get their team to guess the words on the card. They can't say the word on the card and they also can't use any word with more than one syllable. So you sound like a cave man talk when you talk with short words like I do here and try to get your team to guess the word on the card. An example word would be picnic. You could say: "when you eat the lunch with group on the grass under sun."

The other team gets to have someone hold an inflatable club and watch the clue giver. If the clue giver uses a word with more than one syllable or says the word by accident then they get to hit the clue giver with the club.

Teams take turns having a clue giver give the clues and getting as many words as they can. After a few turns you see who has more points.

Once you say short words and short words you like to say short words and keep say short words all day and then other mans near you get mad and say no play game no more.

Me rate game 4 of 5.

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