Review: Jelly Belly Holiday Favorites

Santa delivered these Jelly Bellies to my stocking. They have five flavors:

1) Pumpkin Pie
2) Egg Nog
3) Cranberry
4) Candy Cane
5) Hot Chocolate

They really aren't bad. Each tastes like the flavor it claims to be. The egg nog is the strangest and I would compare it to the popcorn flavoried jelly belly. It is just weird to put a piece of candy in your mouth and taste popcorn or egg nog.

The candy cane tastes just like a candy cane. Pumpkin and Cranberry are good but not exact matches. Hot chocolate tastes like chocolate.

I tried eating all 5 at once. It wasn't bad but I prefer going for one flavor at a time.

The cranberry and the hot chocolate look almost identical which isn't great.

My review: 4/5

Cranberry is 4th from top and hot chocolate is at the bottom. They look pretty similar.

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