Review: Beecher's 'World's Best' Mac & Cheese

We picked up this frozen box of mac & cheese for just under $20! It claims to be the "World's Best." The Beecher website lists all the awards it has won:

  • 2023 Daily Mail, #1 Best Frozen Mac & Cheese
  • 2023 Tasting Table, Best Frozen Mac & Cheese
  • 2023 Food & Wine, Best Mac & Cheese in the U.S.

I would say the best frozen mac & cheese is from Stouffers. But the Beecher product was also very, very good. But the pasta was definitely penne. Not macaroni. So the claim of "World's Best" Mac & Cheese seems very suspect.

Review: 8/9

6 minutes on high in the microwave and stir and 2 more minutes.
That is penne.

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