Do not speed in Switzerland/Liechtenstein

In 2016 I drove a few hundred kilometers in Switzerland and a few months later I got a speeding ticket in the mail. It was about $600 and was very difficult to send the payment for the fine correctly. I had to wire money to Switzerland three times before I got it right. The cameras in Switzerland caught me going too fast in a tunnel.

This summer Calvin and I were so careful to not speed when we were in Europe. In Southern California everyone pretty much goes as fast as possible all the time. In Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland everyone pretty much sticks to the speed. Probably because they know how many cameras are watching all the time. We stopped in Liechtenstein for about 20 minutes so we could say we had been in the country. We also got some McDonalds there. Apparently I also went 65 km/hr in a 50 km/hr zone. Busted with another ticket.

This was was only 80 CHF and there was an easy way to pay with a credit card online.

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