Cup Noodles??

Recently Cal was telling a story about how we were stuck in the cabin in Montana in June 2022 during a snowstorm and couldn't drive away because all we had was a minivan without 4 wheel drive. So he explained that we had to eat whatever we had stored in the pantry which was "cup noodles." A few people kind of laughed and said "you mean cup o' noodles." Cal insisted that we were eating "Cup Noodles" and there was no "O."

Were we eating some weird off-brand noodles out of a cup that had no "O" in the name? Or had Cal not seen the "O" on the logo?

Turns out that Cal was right. We were eating "Cup Noodles." No "O" included.

There is no "O"!

The story gets more complicated though. In March of 2021, Nissin Foods announced that Cup Noodles would be changing back to Cup O' Noodles. They removed the "O" in the 1990s.


1971 - The noodles are released in Japan.
1973 - The noodles come to the US under the name Cup O' Noodles.
1993 - The "O" is removed and it is Cup Noodles.
2021 - They announce the "O" is coming back.

The story continues to be complicated though. The announcement about bringing the "O" back says it was posted on March 31, 2021. I guess because of the international dateline, March 31, 2021 is actually April 1 in Japan? So maybe it was just a big joke that the "O" was coming back. The website still says it is Cup Noodles. I don't think it will be "Cup O' Noodles" again. It is just "Cup Noodles." Say it all you want and people can think you sound ridiculous. But you will be right. There is no "O."

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