Atlas Obscura In Durham

Atlas Obscura is my favorite site for finding something interesting to see when on vacation in any location.

Durham has five listings:
1) Duke Lemur Center
2) Bennett Place
3) Tuba Collection
4) The Can-opener bridge
5) Hidden Dinosaur

I had already seen the 11 foot 8 can-opener bridge but Fletch hadn't see it yet. So we started our Saturday by driving under the bridge.

Next we went to Bennett Place. An Autio audio guide I listened to had also featured Bennett Place. It commemorates the location of the last surrender of the Confederate army in the Civil War. Johnston negotiated a surrender with Sherman. Apparently Sherman agreed to give the Confederates too much so his superiors rejected the agreement. Then they revised the surrender agreement.

Even though the hours on the gate said it should be open it was closed. Maybe they were worried the moderate rain storm from Hurricane Ian was too destructive to stay open. So I will have to visit again.

Next we drove to see the hidden dinosaur. We parked near a trail and walked less than 5 minutes to see it. It actually looked pretty natural and lifelike in the trees off the path.

The Duke Lemur Center was also closed for the hurricane. And the Tuba collection can only be seen if you schedule an appointment. So both of those will also have to wait for a future trip.

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